Airport Security Gatwick Airport

Airport Security at Gatwick Airport is there to protect passengers and aircraft tom all sorts of threats. When boarding all aircraft from the airport it is essential to pass through security before going airside to bard your aircraft. Airport Security officers are on the lookout for a wide range of objects and prohibited items that passengers are not allowed to take on a plane. This is often a slow process depending on how busy the airport is so our guide is to help speed up this process by giving you the information you need.
There are a number of procedures passengers go through in order to clear security so it is important that you listen to the requests of the officers to make this process runs smoothly. We have compiled a list of tips that are designed to help you along the way.

Airport Security Tips

  • Be prepared as passengers are often asked to remove belts and shoes before walking through the security scanner.
  • Coats and jackets need to be removed in order to be scanned through the X-Ray machine.
  • Pack all of your toiletries in a see through plastic bag and make sure they are all under 100ml.
  • All large electrical goods have to be scanned separately and make sure that they are charged as you may be asked to switch them on for security purposes.
  • Have your boarding card ready for inspection.

Taking our tips in to consideration will help speed up the security scanning and make sure you are aware of the requests that may be made from the busy airport security staff. This is often a stressful and busy part of airport travel so be prepared, especially if you are travelling with small children.