Customs and Border Control at Gatwick Airport

When flying in and out of Gatwick Airport it is important that you are aware of the procedures when passing through customs and border control. This part of travelling to any country is where customs officers check the passports and baggage of customers for things that are a miss. The following information is provided to make sure you are aware of what to expect and that your trip though customs is trouble free and above all quick. Hold ups at this part of the airport can cause major delays in the processing of passengers both arriving and departing the UK.

Arriving in the UK

If you are due to arrive in the UK we suggest that you take note of the following rules.

Make sure your baggage is your own and do not let anyone pack or persuade you to carry luggage through UK customs. Knowing or unknowingly carring illegal goods through UK customs could result in a arrest and a possible custodial sentence.

No not be tempted to carry prohibited goods in to the UK, there is a long list of goods that are illegal to smuggle in to the UK. For more information see

Do not exceed your duty free allowance, carrying goods such as tobacco and alcohol that exceed your legal allowance may result in the goods been confiscated if duty is not paid.