Free Parking at Gatwick Airport

Free Parking at Gatwick Airport. you must be joking!

Getting free parking anywhere in the UK is a bonus but at an airport it is the hardest thing to find because in order to get free parking you will most likely have to park a distance from the terminal and then get a train, bus or taxi to catch your flight.  There are options to get cheap parking whan flying from Gatwick but as the word cheapo suggests there is still a cost involved.

Free parking means that there is no cost to you the vehicle driver meaning you save money on the often extortionate car parking charges at UK airports.   There are some benefits to using one of the official car parks whan looking to park your vehicle when taking a flight.  Although there is a cost, your car is kept in a safe environment away from harms way and you can be sure that it is waiting for you on your return.  Your car or vehicle will be parked close to the airport building so that you do not have far to walk when your plane lands.  In summary the official car p[arks offer a great service that worthy of the cost, but they do not offer free parking.

In order to get free parking at Gatwick Airport you must be willing to make some sacrifices and be prepared to search.  Look at local towns and villages that do not have parking restrictions so that you can park your car for free without the risk of getting a ticket.  You may not get the added security or the bonus of a walk to your parked car but you will be saving your hard-earned cash and that is worth something.

If you have any ideas or can recommend any free parking options at Gatwick please contact us and let us know at Gatwick airport arrivals.