Driving to Gatwick Airport by Car or Motorcycle

Driving to Gatwick Airport is easy as it is situated to the South of the city of London and situated just off the M23 at junction 9. In easy reach of the UK motorway network it is easily accessible by car and motorbike for those flying from and to the airport.

By Car

If you are driving to Gatwick Airport by car we recommend that you take the main M23 motorway and exit at junction 9 then follow the official signs to the airport car parks. Travelling by car is one of the easiest ways to travel as you can drive direct to the airport in your won vehicle without the need for public transport. Depending on your length of stay there are various parking options available for you including long and short stay car parks close to the terminal building. Taking your own car to the airport does have its costs; airport parking is always expensive and usually has to be pre booked to get the best deals.

If you are driving to Gatwick Airport please set your satnav for the following postcodes.

South Terminal RH6 0NP
North Terminal RH6 0PJ

By Motorcycle

If you are riding your motorcycle to Gatwick Airport there is plenty of options 4 motorcycle parking within easy reach of the main terminal building. Gatwick Airport request that you do not park within the designated car parking spaces, instead use the designated motorbike spaces within each car park. The downside of travelling to Gatwick Airport on a motorcycle is that you will be unable to bring large amount of luggage with you. Parking is cheaper for motorbikes and due to the nature of a motorbike there is less likelihood of you being late for your flight when stuck in traffic. See more information on motorcycle parking.

Petrol Stations at Gatwick Airport

There are two petrol stations situated at the North and South terminals at Gatwick, both of which are open 24hrs. These are ideal for filling up hire cars prior to dropping them off at the car hire centre.